My Paradigm shifts. Again

Inconsistently consistent

5 min readNov 2, 2022


Whenever i come on medium, more times it’s to read not write and that has got me a tad bit disappointed at how inconsistent i have been with writing this year. I turned a year older in August and that afforded me the opportunity not just to set new goals but also to audit my progress on the set ones from the previous year and guess who has failed to meet his quota on medium entries? i mean i do have loads of ramblings in my drafts but those are just rough ideas i haven't articulated to the best of my abilities.

That amongst other failed goals had me feeling mediocre but i have been able to catch myself early enough before the self berating lingered….. Failed in some but i absolutely smashed a couple of the rest and that gave me the motivation i needed to lean towards being more consistent with the journey and my processes that have birth the wins i have held.

“You can start over as many times as it takes”

That quote up there is something i expressed in an entry over a year ago and i still strongly believe in, as inconsistent as “starting over” a number of times looks or sounds , what is important is recognizing the Fall off and taking the necessary steps to getting back up and being the best or an entirely new version of yourself. I am going to keep trying, failing, learning until i am who i not just feel deeply but know for a fact i can be. it is a work in progress but slow and steady wins the race. yes? okay maybe not too slow but you get my drift? get it?

This one is for me

After careful scrutiny, i came to the realization i was taking a radical approach to changing personality traits and habits i did not like. These habits and traits had already been built, established and reinforced over the years so my attempts at doing too much by trying to change so many aspects of my life all in one go resulted in several crash and burn scenarios which in effect made me feel like i was “failing” and needed a clean slate to “Start over”. Meditation, Introspection and time alone has drawn me closer to the idea that these crash and burn occurrences are part of the process and starting over shouldn't always mean “Everything i accomplished in my previous attempts are null and void” rather the goal should be to recognize and accept the pitfalls and dusting yourself back up. Start over from the point of your failure. Access your actions/inactions and plot your next move to being the “YOU” you blissfully dream about. I cant be the only person who dreams and has a mental picture of the person they envision. you know when you're a kid and you say “When i grow up i want to be….” well I'm all grown up now and previously lost that spark and imaginative zeal of “Wanting to become” but that is a side of me that has resurfaced in recent times. There’s so much i want now and it’s only a matter of time before it’s within reach. For the most part, i had been jaded, complacent and a little too comfortable in my bubble as a result of the environment i found my self in and if i can’t immediately leave this environment, surely i can create a more beneficial one that supports this vision of mine in the middle of this madness.

A blank slate is another chance to be happy, leave your comfort zone, accept and let go of the past and focus on your goals. letting go of all excuses and trusting your intuition in taking the necessary actions that lead to your goals.

If you follow my entries you would understand what i mean when i say my writing feels contradictory. not too long ago i wrote about “Tabula Rasa” a clean slate and starting over, here i am a couple of months later asking you to persevere instead. I see the dichotomy clearly. I'm no teacher, just winging this life thing and learning on the go. Somethings feel like they work for some people sometimes but that is excusive to individual experiences and the goals we all have set. these practices and habits do not cut across board for everyone so it is about “You” which is why this particular entry is for myself.

“Paradigm shift is for the mindful; but those who refuse to adopt to new ways of looking at things will always catch yesterday’s train, flight or bus.”
Dr. Lucas D. Shallua

Recognition of the change that needs to be made is the precursor to a paradigm shift and breaking away from false beliefs that have been inherited, programmed subconsciously and picked up from our environment that in effect control our thought process, actions, mental view of the world, our sense of identity, self image amongst a plethora of things that define who we are.

I realize it might take some selfish and selfless acts to propel this shift but it is a necessary mission i must embark on and “Self” should always come first before you can be there for others. Creating a new identity statement, adopting new beliefs that are true to yourself, new habits that encourage the shift, creative visualization, affirmations, developing faith and leaving your comfort zone all play a part in this equation. I'm in no way well versed in these practices i write of but i am a work in progress who has identified and is now determined to take the steps that lead to my paradigm shift. This one is for me and if someone out there is somehow inspired to do the same, i encourage you to.

6lack once said “Shit hard but you gotta try! If I can do it, you can do it”

Feel free to reach out, we can talk, share reads, help each other stay grounded, on track and accountable on this beautiful journey of self-optimization.

Sending you awesome people some Peace, love and intuition this beautiful new month.

Remember: Everything is energy and energy is everything. it is a vibration and always is moving /changing form. It can neither be created nor destroyed!