Turning Fear into Fuel ⛽️

2 min readDec 5, 2022


Sending Love, Light, Grounding and Intuition to you all this new week!

Own it!

Willingness can be as powerful as unwillingness, it’s all a matter of perspective!

Willingness to take agency in our lives and step into a new phase like Lisa said!

Or unwillingness; unwillingness to continue in the same pattern, the way things are right now. Having just about enough of your current situation and wanting more from life.

Both are equally potent and are catalysts for introspection and change.

My favorite part of Lisa’s talk was the affirmative proclamation at the end. Loved it so much i had it printed and framed and it has been a big part of my rituals


I stand here in my greatness

I own my light, I own my brilliance

I am bold, I am courageous

I am perfect in my imperfections

This is my time! (x2)

I am brave enough, I’m old enough, I’m young enough

I’ve experienced enough, I’m wise enough

I understand that i am enough

I accept my fear, my fear will be in the car with me but will not be in the drivers seat

I am ready for my next best season because i know i am the author of my own autobiography

I am the designer of my own destiny

I am writing my life’s story and i am writing a story that i will be inspired by

On one page they’ll read my fears and on the next page they’ll know i did it anyway

I commit to hold fear in one hand and passion in the other hand and LEAP every time

I ask that each of you hold me accountable to my contribution on this planet.


📸 vsco.co/edimulo