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6 min readMay 26, 2021


Manifestation and the Power of Thoughts.

In the past couple of weeks, i have done a lot of research on “The Law of Attraction” research in terms of reading a couple of books like the infamous “Money and the Law of Attraction” by Esther and Jerry Hicks which i remember reading a couple of years ago but for some reason just felt more relevant to me at this present moment in my life. i also read “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne which was also an amazing read, i saw a number of TED talks on this law too. I was just trying to get a sense of how practical it is to “Manifest” what you want by attracting it to yourself because i had come across this “Manifesting” severally.

This piece feels less like a journal entry, i just want to ask a lot of questions, share a few quotes, links and material i found relevant on this Law and its application.

“Learn to become still. And to take your attention away from what you don’t want, and all the emotional charge around it, and place your attention on what you wish to experience.” Energy flows where attention goes” — Michael Beckwith

Energy flows where attention goes, simple but so true you see. The law of attraction does not identify what is “good” or “bad”, it is impersonal and simply receives and reflects your thoughts. Basically a mirror of life…..what we place our attention and focus on is simply what “Becomes”

If we have a sustained idea or line of thought, the Law of Attraction immediately brings like minded thoughts and ideas into our space. The more you think and dwell on a bad situation, the worse it gets so we need to be more solution oriented as opposed to fixating on the bad, sad, unhappy moments… same way if you go to bed in a shit mood, chances are that you'd wake up in that same mood if not worse.. so the forces of attraction are still very much working even till we close our eyes to sleep so we should try making our thoughts before sleeping blissful and positive which is why i usually start and end my day with positive affirmations and mantras i have personalized to fit my world.. … it sounds so easy and practical but its easier said than done really. choosing to ignore what's got you moody and just being positive about every single situation in life? even death? hard ikr?

It'd be Ludacris to ignore the actual power in manifesting things into existence, i have read and seen people give testimonies on how they were able to be focused, resolute and manifest whatever it was they wanted and even personally i can testify to manifestation of certain things in my life just as a result of constantly thinking about these things, also having them in my mantras and prayers i feel helped the manifestation if that makes any sense..

A Stoic would go around with a “Could be worse” mindset which i feel i did for a long period of time. Constantly thinking about things not working out, negative outcomes, obstacles i haven't even gotten to seemed to ruin my whole thought process and outlook but with a conscious effort into being more mindful and positive, my results have changed drastically and this is a tact i intend on applying across various platforms of life.. now can things be worse? Most definitely! but of what merit is it to dwell on the “Could be” situations?

Something interesting popped up in my head as i thought of Stoics.. How exactly does a Stoic reconcile with this Law of Attraction ?.. Fundamentally, there is a huge contradiction in ideologies of Stoicism and what the Law of Attraction brings to the table. is there an in-between? how can i believe i these Stoic principles about life and still feel like i have some power or control over my life by manifesting whatever it is i wanted? conflicted to say the least but with any philosophy or school of thought, i feel it should not be just the “ONE” way to live life.. My little time on this journey has made me come to a reasoning that life is really just being winged. There isn’t a Law or religion that singularly defines how we should live our lives, There isn't a clear cut way to go about living, pick a bit from here and there and just do what works for you so i hardly let these Philosophical ideas completely draw me in as inviting as it may seem.. i was drawn to Stoicism a couple of months ago because i genuinely believe in the basic principles and pillars of Stoicism but i also have just seen how it contradicts the basic Law of Attraction. Now should that equate to me abandoning those stoic principles?

Whatever happens to you has been waiting to happen since the beginning of time. — Marcus Aurelius

The quote above is fairly popular, Stoics believe we aren't in any control, whatever happened, happens or is happening has been waiting to happen from jump, but the Law of attraction on the other hand is saying : Look bro! This thing hasn't happened yet but you can make it happen if your mind is in the right place and you put in work, it will manifest…. so can you see my point?

The Law of Attraction can be misleading to someone who truly refuses to look within and know how attraction really works… saying mantras and just repeating what you want, or just picturing it in your mind is half of the Job, an important half at that but you HAVE to put in the work for what you want to manifest… You can’t just make things drop from the sky because you can mAnIfEsT… Half the stories i read and see, people also talk about putting in the work before it all falls into place..

What do we do when it doesn't manifest? do we stop chasing waterfalls and picture something else completely that we want to work towards? does it mean that thing was not meant to be for us? Listen, whatever the result is, we have to keep pushing and try not to dwell on the “negatives” aim higher, aim lower, just make sure you're still aiming and haven't given up the fight is what I'm saying.

Below are a few links and talks on manifestation that really resonated with me, that of Jim Carrey’s story being the most potent of them.. talk about self belief and hard work!

Jim Carrey on How to Manifest what you want
Russ ON: Delusional Self-Confidence & How To Start Manifesting Your Dream Life
Sadhguru On How to Manifest What You Really Want

The Power of Thoughts🪔

The power of thoughts cannot be understated, self evaluation has to be one of the toughest things for me to hack but with a repetitive daily routine of self auditing, it has become a tad bit easier, it is extremely important to take a good long look in the mirror every now and then and take stock of it all. your actions, inactions, mannerisms, the way you think, talk, posture, demeanor… everything that makes you who you are and fundamentally figure out how to be better non-judgmentally. previously, an audit like that would lead me into a tunnel of Self-pity, depression, comparison, self-seeking, judgement… you get my drift? but with mindfulness in general, i have been able to use the self- audit tool to my advantage by not giving into self-sabotage and allowing those intrusive thoughts and destructive behaviors any room to operate. i basically just had to get out of my own way.

If you want to change the outside, you must first change the inside. You must change the attention of your thoughts because what you think directly influences how you feel, and how you feel directly influences how your body reacts, and how your body reactions directly influence how you behave, and how you behave comes to define who you are and what you experience in life.

Like i said, this piece is really not a journal entry lol.. I'm basically just regurgitating my past couple of weeks. So I’ll leave you beautiful people with this interesting read on the power of thoughts if you feel inclined to delve deeper.

Love, Light & Positive Vibrations 🚀💫💛