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5 min readAug 23, 2021


This entry is a fallout from my conversation with Wole and Tobi on the 20s Convos Podcast, we spoke on the purpose of the human race, what the end goal of existence really is, life after death and how it all ties into our ambitions as individuals and our decisions we take.. we attempted to answer some mind boggling questions that I'm sure we all think about when we just lay in bed, blank, wondering 💭

I gave the conversation a little time to marinate and then decided to journal.. This entry really is going to contain a lot more questions than answers so if you think you're going to find out why we were created and what happens after then i apologize in advance.. sorry not sorry 😅

In a planet of about 7.9 Billion People, it is difficult not to sometimes feel miniscule and insignificant. Where do i fit in the grand scheme of things? can i really leave an impact in a world with this many people? am i meant to just exist and live a “Small” life or is there more to this vessel of my being that goes beyond the mind’s eye? Am i going to “make it?” i mean, what exactly is the metrics for “making it” and who came up with that?? is social conditioning such a determining factor in our existence and the kind of choices we make?

The term Existential Crisis would be the ideal description of these feelings and questions.. But what is the purpose of our existence really? This is a haunting question that really has no answer in my opinion.. different schools of thoughts, religions, cults have come up with different ideas and “inferences” about our purpose on earth as humans and the thereafter but what really is right and what is wrong?

Recently i have found myself a believer of “Purpose” as a driving factor in existence and this really was a realization i came to as a result of experience(s) with death…Death is very humbling and the moment you are in close proximity to it, seen it happen a couple of times and have experienced and seen people go through the motions then you begin to appreciate life a bit more and want to live one with a meaning of some sort that transcends hitting personal milestones.

Surely we weren’t designed this immaculately just to use up resources merely existing with nothing else to offer. there has to be more we can offer this world than our existence… existence is beautiful but what then?… Millions existed before we did and some more after we leave so what then is our value added? or what else are the incentives of merely existing??

An idea i never really entertained was the lack or absence of purpose and our conversation on the podcast actually opened me up to the train that: Not everybody believes in or even has a “Purpose” to believe in.. some are really out here barely surviving, barely living life and just existing on this hamster wheel while others just don't have the luxury of having a purpose due to the circumstances they find themselves in.. The Taliban taking over a day after this conversation and seeing chaos unfold IRT really just made me question some more… The lives of people directly affected by this ongoing event, is that their purpose or destiny in life? or is that also a case of not just having the luxury to live life with a purpose driven motive?

My question then is: Is purpose a luxury?

Personally, i feel we need something intangible to hold on to and to fuel the drive of existence and to me that is where the idea of Purpose comes in… Purpose in my opinion is as straightforward as the definition in itself: “The reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists”

Straightforward on paper but in practicality, how do you know what your purpose is if you subscribe to the idea of purpose like myself and what makes you so resolute in that decision? can you change your purpose?

I’ve been in a wormhole of this search for more than a minute and i have come up with various purposes 😂 so you can see why questions would lead to more questions… are your hobbies and talents necessarily tied to your purpose? You read about people being born with enhanced abilities athletically, vocally and across other fields of life, honed and refined these abilities some actually pick up these skills and become so versed in them and that eventually becomes their “Purpose”; To be of service to humanity with these abilities… so what then can be said for people with no special abilities? what if i actually have these abilities and find no fulfilment in serving others with it? should service to humanity be the bedrock of purpose? reason i ask these questions is: more times, when i listen to people who have it “Figured out” and know exactly what it is they were meant to do with their lives, the fallout of the conversation is usually about how to be of service to the next primarily. The big names that roll off our tongues oh so easily in areas of technological advancement and the leveling up of the human race in general are the stars of their own stories putting in their own quota but lets look at the shot in a wider frame. “Existence is a collective effort”. The “purpose” of an Elon Musk and the likes are unattainable without the people around them is a cogent reason i believe in the collectiveness of existence. we also have situations where the purpose of one is intertwined but not dependent on the next man so you can see how clear and unclear these things can be? i was asked on the pod if i knew what my purpose in life was and my answer is still “No”.. This is a question that i tried and still try to answer and somehow the answer keeps changing so its no straightforward thing…

Ultimately, i believe we all have much more to offer this world, things that go beyond our personal search for comfort, financial stability, relationships and any hierarchy of needs you might want to weigh it against..understandably you might feel like purpose is out of the question without ticking some of those personal boxes but I assure you it is not dependent on any of those because your purpose can easily lead you you those boxes…. So collectively, how can we make this place better even for just one person?

Lets not get overwhelmed with this age long question, take one day at a time remembering to be alive and make a conscious daily attempt to be better, spread the right energies and leave this place with an impact that transcends our individual goals. Life is a collective effort i reiterate, irrespective of how individualistic it usually is expressed. Our little attempts and gestures to make it happier and easier for the next goes a long way not just to them but also for self.

Wishing you beautiful people an amazing new week fueled with intent and results, higher vibrations, clarity and whatever emotions we seek for 🧡

Love, Light & Positive vibrations


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Olumide. A.

-Higher Vibrations 📶 - Love, light and intuition to you 🙏🏼